The producers group

GP Pays Basque is a group of around fifteen producers of Piment d’Espelette AOP (PDO: Protected Designation of Origin). It aims to combine product excellence and top quality service.

Today GP Pays Basque represents around 10% of the volume of production in the heart of the Piment d’Espelette zone. We generally make Espelette chili powder PDO (protected designation of origin), but we also offer other products such as Espelette chili puree or jelly.

Since its creation in 2005 GP Pays Basque has set the customer at the heart of its strategy. We’ve identified their specific needs and have adapted in order to meet them. In particular, as part of our continuing improvement policy, we are following a ground-breaking quality procedure in Piment d’Espelette production which goes way beyond the specifications. We work not only on product quality, but on quality in our services. To such an extent that we have created a fully-fledged quality department within our organisation.

Thanks to our sales and marketing departments GP Pays Basque is able to offer you a personalised approach adapted to your requirements, while strictly adhering to the Piment d’Espelette PDO specifications. Let us share our experience and advise you, particularly in developing new products.

Sales are also growing thanks to our export department and its plans world-wide.

After ten years’ experience GP Pays Basque has become a professional in the field of distribution, with its flexible customer relations (telephone, email, after-sales and multilingual service IT tools), independence particularly in our supply policy, and has tightened up internal procedures and relations with the economic environment (customers, suppliers and so on).

Since 2012 GP Pays Basque efficiency has led us to attain the objectives laid out in our quality policy.

These efforts were recognised in 2015 when we were awarded the IFS certification.